The following is an alphabetical list of our posts.

Bones of Contention:  Searching for Cosmas and Damian in Venice (January 2013)

Charlemagne:  Saint of the Holy Roman Empire? (May 2013)

The Column of the Flagellation:  Relic of the Scourging of Jesus (April 2020)

Relic of the Holy Diaper:  The Swaddling Clothes of Jesus (December 2014)

Saint Anthony of Padua:  Patron Saint of Lost Things (September 2014)

Saint Bernward of Hildesheim:  Medieval Patron of the Arts (February 2014)

Saint Blaise:  Protector of Dubrovnik and Patron Saint of Throat Illnesses (May 2014)

Saint Charles Borromeo:  A Tale from the Crypt of Milan Cathedral (October 2013)

Saint Corona and Saint Rosalia:  Two Saints Invoked Against Pandemics (March 2020)

Saints Cosmas and Damian (November 2012)

Saint Erasmus of Formiae (or Saint Elmo) (January 2013)

Saint Florian:  Saint of Fire and Flood (July 2013)

The Great Heart Heist:  The Stunning Theft of Saint Laurence O’Toole’s Preserved Heart (April 2020)

Saint Innocent and the Massacre of the Innocents (July 2015)

Saint Mark:  Patron Saint of Venice (December 2012)

Saint Matthias:  The Thirteenth Apostle (August 2013)

Saint Munditia:  A Holy Skeleton Near the Rindermarkt in Munich (February 2013)

Saint Roch:  The Saint “Par Excellence” Against Disease (April 2020)

Saint of the Salt Castle:  Discovering Saint Rupert in Salzburg, Austria (March 2015)

Saint Silvan (November 2012)

Saint Theodore:  Warrior Saint and Dragon-Slayer (March 2013)

Saint Zacharias:  Father of John the Baptist (January 2013)

“Santo Subito”:  The Future Saint John Paul (October 2013)

The Altar of the Holy Blood (March 2013)

The Catacomb Saints:  Bedazzled Skeletons of the Counter-Reformation (August 2016)

The Head-Carriers:  Headless Saints from Saint Denis to Saint Nicasius (November 2014)

The Marienschrein at Aachen Cathedral:  Reliquary of the Cloak of the Virgin Mary (June 2014)

The Shrine of the Three Kings:  Grand Reliquary of the Magi (December 2013)

The Way of Saint James:  Pilgrimage to the Tomb of a “Son of Thunder” (March 2013)

Waldauf Chapel (December 2012)

Winter of Discontent:  Saint Sebaldus, Protector Against Cold Weather, Takes a Sabbatical (April 2013)

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